Bigg Boss 14 will air its final episode on February 21, 2021, after a 20-week season. The show began on October 3rd, 2020, with 11 contestants and three Toofani Seniors. Several wildcards and six challengers then reach the Bigg Boss house at different times. After more than four months, we finally have our Bigg Boss 14 top five finalists: Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni, Nikki Tamboli, and Rakhi Sawant, who are vying for the trophy. The Bigg Boss 14 Finale Voting Trend can be found here.

Bigg Boss 14 Finale Voting Trend:

• Rubina Dilaik

• Rahul Vaidya

• Aly Goni

• Nikki Tamboli

• Rakhi Sawant

Rubina Dilaik:

Rubina Dilaik is a well-known television actress in India. She is the only Bigg Boss 14 finalist who joined the house on the first day and has yet to be evicted. Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni, and Nikki Tamboli, on the other hand, were evicted and then entered as wildcards, while Rakhi Sawant entered as the challenger on Day 70. Here, read about Bigg Boss 15 Live.

The Most Important Things to Know About Rubina Dilaik in Bigg Boss 14:

• Rubina Dilaik made history by surpassing Asim Riaz in the number of Bigg Boss tweets. The hashtag "DESERVING WINNER RUBINA" has been used by Rubina Dilaik over 16.3 million times. • Every week, Rubina Dilaik is ranked first on the Ormax ranking list. This demonstrates her popularity. • Rubina Dilaik is the only contestant who has been on Bigg Boss 14 from the beginning and is yet to be evicted.

Bigg Boss

Rahul Vaidya

Rahul Vaidya is a well-known Indian singer and performer on stage. He came in second place in the first season of Indian Idol, a singing reality show. Following that, he won a number of singing reality shows, including "Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar" and "Music Ka Maha Muqqabla." He joined Bigg Boss 14 with a small fan base on day one, but he is now one of the top contenders to win Bigg Boss 14. Rahul is reportedly one of the Bigg Boss 14 finalists. He did, however, leave the show on Day 64 (Pre-Finale) before returning on Day 74. Throughout the show, he has many ups and downs, but he is always going high.

In Bigg Boss 14, the following are the key points about Rahul Vaidya:

• Rahul Vaidya is one of the most-tweeted Bigg Boss contestants in history. The hashtag "RAHUL VAIDYA FOR THE WIN" has received over 10 million tweets. • The valentine's day video with Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar has received the most views on the colors tv tweeter account this season. In Bigg Boss 14, Rahul Vaidya shows considerable progress, and his one-liners have a dedicated following.

Aly Goni

Aly Goni is an Indian reality show host and television star. He began his career with Splitsvilla 5, where he performed admirably but failed to win the season. Paras Chabbra, a Bigg Boss 13 contestant, was the winner of MTV Splistvilla 5. On Day 33, he joined Bigg Boss 14 as a wildcard, and Jasmin Bhasin was the key reason for his decision, while on Day 60, he was evicted because Aly and Jasmin failed the Eviction task, and it was announced that Aly Goni would quit the competition. After the pre-finale, Aly Goni re-entered Bigg Boss 14 after just ten days. He is now one of the Bigg Boss 14 finalists and has an equal chance of winning the show.

Aly Goni's Bigg Boss 14 Highlights: • Aly Goni is a straight shooter who still stands up for his mates and love Jasmin Bhasin.

• Aly is an outsider in the Bigg Boss 14 winner's race, and he is one of the strongest wildcards in Bigg Boss history. However, since Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin have such a large fan base, something could happen on February 21st.

Nikki Tamboli

Nikki Tamboli is an Indian actress who has appeared in a number of South Indian films. She is also one of the Bigg Boss 14 finalists. She and Eijaz Khan all joined Bigg Boss 14 on the first day. She is one of the most talked-about Bigg Boss 14 contestants. On Day 64, she was evicted, and on Day 70, she re-entered the house.

The Most Important Things to Know About Nikki Tamboli on Bigg Boss 14:

• Nikki Tamboli was the first announced Bigg Boss 14 contestant, as well as the first Bigg Boss 14 finalist.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant is an actress and dancer from India. She is a queen of drama. She joined Bigg Boss 14 as a challenger on day 70, alongside five other contestants, but she is now the game's only challenger. The Most Important Things to Know About Rakhi Sawant in Bigg Boss 14: • Rakhi Sawant is one of the reasons for Bigg Boss 14's increased TRP. • Rakhi was the show's second confirmed finalist.